Tuesday, August 19, 2003

As a Messianic Jew, I often feel "outside the camp." The Jewish community generally equates the Messianic movement with Jews for Jesus, an organization whose evangelistic tactics and anti-synagogal policy I find deeply offensive. Christians often either make this same mistake or endict us as legalistic because we still uphold and observe torah law. I love my people, and it is the joy of my life to serve my Creator as a Jew. And I love the church, the assembly of believers in Yeshua, whose fundamental belief I share, if not its cultural expression. It is an extremely painful fact that, according to the majority of the Jewish world, a completely secular Jew who denies the existance of G-d and lives by whatever moral code he chooses is still considered a Jew, whereas my faith in Yeshua renders me disqualified.

This blog is a beginning, a part of my personal Exodus. One day, I know I will reach the promise. One day, I will be able to openly walk into the Jewish world as a Messianic Jew, and not a heretic. One day, I will be able to walk into the church and be rightly understood. I don't think that the Messianic community has done the greatest job of explaining itself. Although I'm still rather young, it has become my business to learn as much as I can in order to become a religious bridge in my eventual maturity.

Adonai s'fatai tiftach ufi yagid t'hilatecha.

Oh L-rd, open my lips that my mouth shall declare your praise.

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